International School of Medicine and Applied Technology (ISMAT).

Diploma in Information Technology

This course is aimed at providing the trainees with knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable them to perform system analysis, system design, software development tasks and administrative duties.

This course is taken in three modules and which upon completion the student is expected to be equiped with Systems Analysis a and Design Skills.


The International School of Medicine and Applied Technology (ISMAT) is a Community Tertiary College that offers training in Health and Applied Sciences, Information Technology and Community Development Studies. The Kisumu-based college was founded in 2006 with a vision of providing affordable quality training to the future health care workforce.

The college is one of the projects supported by the OGRA FOUNDATION, a local medical service NGO with years of experience in Community Primary Healthcare provision, training and capacity building in Nyanza province.

ISMAT has now completed the due diligence audit and inspection requirement by the Clinical Officers Council(COC) and is now ready to officially launch 'Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery' having been approved in accordance with rules and regulations of COC.


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